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Nursery and Reception - Safer Internet Day!

Posted: 5 February 2019

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe when we are using the internet!

First we talked about what the internet is which is a bit tricky to understand, although some of us knew that it is to do with using phones, tablets and computers. We then watched a video and talked about making safe choices and asking a grown-up if we are unsure when playing games on the internet. Finally, we talked about the different symbols we might see when we are playing games on the internet and what they mean, and sorted them into ‘yes’ and ‘no’ symbols.

Reception- Climbing Trees!

Posted: 9 November 2018

This week in Forest School some of the children have discovered the trees! We spoke about how to keep ourselves safe. Some of the children said they were stuck, but once they were reminded that they found a way into the tree, so they would be able to find a way out, they persevered and found a way down. The children are learning risk management, resilience and consideration for others- and having a lovely time as well!

Reception and Nursery Work Together!

Posted: 6 November 2018

Today in the garden the children noticed our wooden boat had gone! Unfortunately the boat had become rotten and so had been removed. The children decided to work together to build a new boat, carefully carrying planks across the garden. The planks were very long and heavy, so they had to work in pairs to carry them. Some of the older children instructed the younger ones on how to carry the planks safely. The children designed their boat, and even included steering wheels and a plank for cheeky pirates to walk! What a lovely day they have had playing pirates and going on adventures!