Across the school, we have a daily assembly. These are delivered as a balance of whole school celebrations, within key stage teams or as smaller class sessions.
The purpose of these assemblies is to:
  • Promote and celebrate the school’s aims and core values.
  • Reflect upon Christian values and beliefs
  • Celebrate the differences and similarities between people in modern Britain and on a wider scale whilst promoting respect and tolerance.
  • Develop the sense of ‘citizenship’ and belonging to local, national and international communities.
  • Consider right/wrong, rewards/consequences and law/democracy.
  • Promote shared British values and mark days/events of significance.
  • Celebrate the achievements of pupils.
  • Inspire the children to have aspirations and set goals.
In order to ensure a cohesive approach and thorough coverage, there is an agreed pattern of school assemblies based around our school values . Although we will follow the agreed pattern, there remains the flexibility for some assemblies to relate to current and relevant issues, class work and other aspects of school life.

Interwoven is coverage of special assemblies which serve to:

  • Celebrate our shared heritage e.g. Mothering Sunday Assembly, Bonfire Night, St. George’s Day, Remembrance Day.
  • Mark events in the Christian calendar e.g. Lent, Christmas.
  • Raise awareness of and interest in significant religious and cultural celebrations e.g. Diwali, Chinese New Year.
  • Promote future aspiration and to ‘make sense of learning’ e.g. talk by Marathon runner, job talk by a zoo keeper.

Assemblies are delivered by staff and a range of guest speakers.