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Visit from Torquay Fire Brigade

Posted: 7 December 2018

Earlier this week, Starfish, Hermit Crabs and Sharks had a visit from some fire-fighters from the Fire Brigade from Torquay. They taught us how to be safe in and outside buildings, what to do in case of an emergency and which are the most important things to remember if we or someone around us is in danger.

We even got to try on some of the equipment they use to protect themselves when they are called on a fire, it was heavy and a bit smelly!

G3 - All Change!

Posted: 26 April 2018

This term, the children have started learning about materials in Science.  They have learnt what materials are, and can now describe a variety of materials according to their properties, using correct, technical Science vocabulary.  This week, we explored reversible and irreversible changes.  The children were really impressed when they observed some irreversible changes taking place in front of them!


World Book Day - Sharing our stories.

Posted: 9 March 2018

G3 have spent several weeks preparing their own version of a Mr Men or Little Miss Story. The purpose of the story was to share it with younger children, so today they went down to visit Reception and read them their special stories.

G3 loved sharing their stories with the Reception children and Reception really enjoyed making new friends and hearing the lovely stories.


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