Sharks - Year 4/5

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Sharks - Can you guess our emotions?

Posted: 25 September 2020

In R.H.S.E this week we have been looking at different emotions and how they make us feel. We discussed how peoples faces change and look different depending on how we are feeling. We also discussed how we can help people with their emotions for example if someone looks upset we can go over to them and ask them what’s wrong and how we can help to make them feel less upset.

The children really enjoyed this lesson. Have a look at some of the photos that we took and see if you can guess the emotion the children are showing.



Sharks are Twits! No not really, we're learning about The Twits!

Posted: 18 September 2020

This week in Sharks we were visited by Mr Twit himself as we started our learning journey. He was telling the class all the disgusting pranks he plays on Mrs Twit. He gave us a mission to try and create his beard which of course he thinks is lovely, however we all know different!

As you can see the children did an amazing job of creating his beard!


Sharks staying safe on the internet

Posted: 11 February 2020

Our whole school assembly this week was lead by Mrs Graham and it was all about staying safe on the internet. The theme this year is ‘free to be me’. We’re saying that it is fine to go online and be yourself you just need to keep safe. We thought about what information we can share online and what we should NEVER share online such as our full name, date of birth, address or the school we attend. We made some ‘free to be me’ posters and shared our ideas.