Sharks - Year 4/5

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Sharks staying safe on the internet

Posted: 11 February 2020

Our whole school assembly this week was lead by Mrs Graham and it was all about staying safe on the internet. The theme this year is ‘free to be me’. We’re saying that it is fine to go online and be yourself you just need to keep safe. We thought about what information we can share online and what we should NEVER share online such as our full name, date of birth, address or the school we attend. We made some ‘free to be me’ posters and shared our ideas.


Sharks - May the magnetic force be with you!

Posted: 6 February 2020

This week in science Sharks have been looking at magnets. We have been testing them to see what types of materials around the classroom are magnetic and which ones are not. We have also learned about how a magnet attracts and repels depending on the pole of the magnet.

Sharks super science trip!

Posted: 14 January 2020

Today Sharks went to the Torquay Girls Grammar School for a science workshop to learn about electricity which is Shark’s next topic.

They learned about different types of electricity and how electricity works. They had to conduct their own tests to find out which materials were a conductor and which materials insulated the electricity. They also learnt how static electricity is made and they had lots of fun rubbing balloons on their jumpers to create the static and then try and stick the balloons to the walls. Here are some photos from todays trip.