Sharks - Year 4/5

Class Blog

Earth and space in sharks.

Posted: 15 May 2019

Over the past few weeks, Sharks have been learning about Earth and space. We have learnt about day and night, the different phases of the moon and the different planets in our solar system. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits.

Sharks take science outside!

Posted: 26 March 2019

Sharks have been making the most of the sunshine today by taking their science lesson outside! To end our electricity topic we looked at which materials were conductors and which were insulators. We had to experiment using a range of equipment to find out which items were conductors.

Lobsters and Sharks have been working together!

Posted: 14 March 2019

This morning, Lobsters and Sharks have been working together to create poster on different fascinating animals. They worked together to research about their animal, sketched and water-coloured their pictures and created fantastic posters!