Starfish - Year 5/6

Class Blog

Science in Starfish.

Posted: 4 October 2019

This week in science, Starfish have been learning about microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as growing our own fungi on bread slices and inventing our very own microorganisms out of play dough!

Catching in motion with Starfish

Posted: 27 September 2019

This week in Starfish we have been practising our catching skills while running, in order to help us improve our speed and hand to eye co-ordination!

An Udderly Amoozing Topic!

Posted: 20 September 2019

Here in Starfish we are so excited about our new art topic!

After doing some interesting research on Steven Brown’s work, we have now started to get our hands and brushes dirty as we are experimenting with colours,  techniques and brush control.

We are looking forward to becoming amoozing artists!