Welcome to Starfish

After the news of the Queens death last weel, the class collaborated and composed an acrostic poem in honour of her long reign.


Quietly serving her country, she expected no praise,

Unselfish, she committed her life to serve her country,

Ever since 1952, she reigned over this country and the Commonwealth for me and you,

Elegant in every way, she was a role-model to all,

Never did she stop believing that she had a duty to her people.


Excellent ruler—her duty wasn’t in vain,

Loved everyone unconditionally and was loved in return,

In 2022, the Platinum Jubilee celebrated her 75 years of service,

Zero chance she would ever give up, she worked right to the end,

At the eleventh hour her family congregated,

Balmoral Castle  was her favourite place, where she slipped away with beautiful grace,

Elizabeth will always live on in memory,

The country thought she would live until she was 100, but her fate was decided,

Hanging up her crown, she joins her love in Heaven.


We have started our new class guided reading book – Cogheart –  which is an exciting adventure story set in London around 1896.


Our topic this half term is art and we are looking an artist, illustrator and author called Nick Sherratt. He is probably best known for illustrating books by Jacqueline Wilson.