Welcome to our new school year! We’ve had a great start to year 2, lots of fun and good choices. We are really proud of how well the children have dealt with all the changes and new rules in school.

We have been thinking about ‘Growth mindset’ a lot this week. People have a ‘growth mindset’ or a ‘fixed mindset’ – we are a class FULL of growth mindset children. This means we embrace challenges, accept our mistakes help us learn, ask for help when we need it, persevere, and are brave about tricky learning. We watched a video of children who had amazing skills and talked about how they got so good – practice!

Then we had a go at lots of challenges of our own including a painting challenge, skipping challenges, beanbag challenges, tongue twisters, drawing turtles, trying not to laugh at funny things, listening games, tangrams, cutting and sticking, making ladders… phew! We had a picture of a ladybird to copy. On the first day we painted what we thought a ladybird looked like, but on the second day we were more observant and kept checking the picture for clues. We even improved our painting skills with some colour mixing.

What a brilliant start to the year – I’m so excited for next week! Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Trenfield, Miss Feasby and Miss Woolacott.