Today we had great fun starting our new learning journey.

It is an Art and Geography topic. The children will learn about how to become artists, especially painters; they will learn about the job of an artist and artistic skills such as drawing and particularly about painting… using a range of brushes, colour mixing and changing colour tone with white and black.  The Geography elements will be  specifically related to knowing, naming and comparing a location’s human and physical features. During the topic they will study the style of  landscapes from Van Gogh and also a local artist called Becky Bettersworth. At the end of the learning journey the children will produce a painting of a place that will be printed into a postcard, they will write about the Geographical knowledge they discover about the location on the reverse of the postcard. The printed cards will be displayed as a gallery, hopefully with a visit (possibly a virtual visit if not in person) from Becky Bettersworth.

Today the children learnt about what an artist is and that they they can improve their own skills by looking at the work of others. We saw a little of Vincent Van Gogh’s landscapes and had a go at using his bold brushstrokes in our own Starry Night painting.