Sport Premium

Sports Grant Lead: Sam Abel

Sports Grant Governor: Steve Porter

What OFSTED say:

As part of the ‘Sport Premium’ the Government has allocated each school a ‘PE and Sports Grant’ to focus upon raising  the level pupil participation within sporting activities. This ‘PE and Sports Grant’ is ring-fenced funding only to be spent on sport within the school.

You can read how we are spending our Sports Premium Grant by downloading our annual reports below, along with the DFE Guidance for primary schools:

DFE Guidance: PE and sport premium for primary school

Sports Premium 2019/20 Sports Grant 18/19 Sports Grant 2017/18 Sports Grant 2016-17 Sports Grant 2015-16 Sports Premium 2019/20


We are proud to be working in partnership with Kinetic Sports Group who work alongside our staff to deliver PE sessions, lunchtime sporting activities and extra-curricular clubs.  Kinetic Sports Group also use Watcombe Primary School as a venue for their holiday camps offering high-quality child-care with a sporting focus to both our pupils and other children from the local community.