Maximising progress

interventions1Across the school a whole range of strategic interventions ensure that the learning needs of our pupils are met in order to ensure that every child makes good progress and fulfils their potential.
Each teaching team offers quality first teaching and planned follow-up (support and extension) for those children who need it on a daily basis.  Other formal interventions are planned for and delivered such as:

  • Toe by Toe
  • PAT (Phonological Awareness Training)
  • Hornet (spelling programme)
  • Number Plus (Maths program)
  • Power of Two (Maths program)

interventions2The school also invests heavily in the following intervention programs (click on the titles to see case studies of impact):

  • Every Child a Reader – a program based upon Reading Recovery for Year 1 pupils to ensure a solid foundation of reading skills.
  • Every Child Counts – a program based upon Numbers Count focusing upon developing the number skills of Y2 pupils.
  • Excellent Learner Program – a program which focuses upon enhancing learning skills through self-review, peer observation and target setting.
  • Year 5/6 Maths Intervention sessions – targeted at specific groups of children, including the more able, and focus upon developing confidence whilst raising attainment.
  • The Hub (Nurture Unit) programs – these focus upon the social and emotional needs of pupils, ensuring that they have a strong foundation in order to learn effectively in the classroom.  We have two Homerooms targeting different areas of the school.

The school rigorously monitors the impact of interventions.  Data is collected on a termly basis and pupil progress is reviewed at a school, cohort and individual level.  Priorities for and impact of interventions are discussed in data review meetings with staff and by the Senior Leadership Team.  The Governing Body also scrutinise progress data at their half termly review meetings.