Verbs, imperative verbs, adverbs... so many verbs to learn in Dolphins!

We have been learning about verbs, imperative verbs and adverbs this week.

We know that verbs are a doing words. Verbs show an action, something we can do. Here is a game for finding the verbs in space:

We have been using imperative verbs, or bossy words, to write instructions. We were very good at being bossy to each other!

We are getting ready to write our own version of “How to wash a woolly mammoth” and have practiced giving instructions to each other by building shapes with cubes when sat back to back. It was great to learn how clear our instructions needed to be.


We have been trying to use adverbs to describe how to do a verb. Most of these end in a suffix ‘-ly’ e.g. “jump quickly”. we had a lot of fun doing different actions in different ways! Ask us about our jogging!