Reception- Number Recognition!

This week in Reception we have been practising our number recognition. We have looked at numbers from 0 to 20! We have played lots of different games, sang number themed songs and made some lovely number crafts!


We have sung some songs using the numbered tabards- thinking about more than and fewer than.

We had fun in the garden, adding one more friend to find the next number for group photos!


We practised our number formation on worksheets…

…and we practised our number formation on a huge sheet of paper on the floor!

We had a fantastic number treasure hunt… everyone had a go at hiding numbers and then we had to find them in the right order! Somebody hid number 15 really well, but we found it in the end!

We played with the Lego, building towers with different numbers of bricks!

We painted caterpillars using our fingers, then wrote how many parts they were made up of.

We painted by numbers, making sure we added the right colours in the right places on the pictures.

We made paper chains, carefully cutting the numbered strips of paper out and sticking them together in the right order to make chains.

During our Forest School session on Thursday, we bundled sticks and labelled them with the number of sticks in our bundle.

Then we played a game of pooh sticks and counted to see how long the sticks took to reach the waterfall.

What a busy week we have had!