Addition, addition, addition...

Dolphins have been performing a lot of addition this week! From addition of numbers in maths, to adding sentences together with conjunctions in literacy, to adding colours together to create tints, tones and different colours in topic work. Goodness!

Use your counting on skills (put a number in your head, then use your fingers to count on) or the number track at the bottom to answer these robot sums: or work on your instant recall of number facts by playing this alien addition game: and this shark game will help with your place value recognition

Practice your Common Exception Words by playing this little bird game: Remind yourself of conjunctions by watching this video:

Then play this game:

In PSHE this week, Mrs Hughes played a NSPCC song called ‘Pantosaurus’ about keeping safe saying no. We really like the song! So you can listen to it at home too:

We also enjoyed a silly song about tints and tones: