This week in Forest School, Reception found thousands of spider’s webs on trees, bushes and fences. The dew made them shine in the sun so they were easy to spot! We were surprised to see so many!

Some of the children also challenged themselves to climb the bank of the river, using a rope to help. It took some of the children lots of practice, but they were all very proud when they reached the top! We pretended we were Spiderman trying to get to the top of a building! Such fun!

Some of the children were also very interested in looking at the shapes and sizes of different leaves. Look at this huge leaf one of the children found!

The children were excited to learn more about spiders in the afternoon- did you know some spiders spin a new web every day? We spent the afternoon making spiders webs and spiders using glue, glitter, crayons and lots of other crafty bits and pieces.

We spoke about being kind to spiders and how they help us, and we all agreed spiders are very clever creatures! What a lot of fun we have had learning all about them!