Watcombe Wishes

Children at Watcombe Primary School are able to earn Watcombe Wishes.  They are awarded to the children who have undertaken jobs within the school such as Junior Administrators, Play leaders, Peer Mediators, Pupil Leadership Team, Animal Carers or Junior MTAs.  The children give up their time to help the adults in the school with their everyday roles and are proud to be part of the team; it gives them job satisfaction and a sense of belonging.

Watcombe Wishes are also awarded as part of our Healthy lifestyle scheme to encourage children to voluntarily take part in extra-curricular sports provisions.

Watcombe Wishes can also be earned as part of our mentoring system with the older pupils.  This system look holistically at attainment and learning skills.  Targets are set and progress is recognised and rewarded.

The Watcombe wishes are added up over the year and the children are then able to choose an activity in reward.  We alter the rewards depending on demand but rewards have included: Ringos (on the dry ski slope), drink & cake at The Yellow Frog Cafe, manicure, fun sports session, bouncy castle session, cake-making, DVD and pizza, iBounce, session with Torquay United and trampolining.