The Arts

What OFSTED say:

In 2014 we were awarded Artsmark Award in recognition of the high-quality learning experiences we provide across the arts for our pupils. At Watcombe Primary School we believe the arts (music, dance, drama, art, craft, design, digital art and creative writing) have a fundamental and special place in our curriculum and the arts subjects are often used at the very heart of a learning journey. Staff plan inspiring learning experiences for pupils across the year that are often centred on arts subjects and these learning journeys are often enriched by visits and visitors to school by professionals, many of whom inspire pupils with their own experiences. Examples of past visitors include professional artists, illustrators, storytellers, dance teachers, musical theatre performers and musicians.

Our school values are to develop pupils who are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, CONFIDENT and ASPIRATIONAL learners and we know that teaching arts through a rich, cultural and diverse curriculum helps our pupils to achieve this. Immersing the children in a creative curriculum allows us the flexibility to teach subjects through a cross-curricular approach that develops their interests and motivates their learning; an example might be teaching a science ‘Forces of magnets’ lesson through a dance class or encouraging vocabulary for writing lesson on ‘The feelings of child workers in Victorian times’ through a drama activity.

We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities across the year that give opportunities for children to nurture their talents and follow their interests. Opportunities are given to pupils to share their ideas for new extra-curricular clubs through the school council meetings where pupils have a voice to suggest what clubs they would like us to provide in the future. We value opportunities to celebrate our pupils work within the whole school and wider community and so children have opportunities through a variety of celebrations to share their successes; be it performing in the school choir, producing art work for community projects, performing in local events or inviting parents to share achievements, exhibitions and performances in school.

This year we are launching our end of year talent show ‘Watcombe’s Got Talent’ which is a celebration of our pupil’s creative talents and interests and allows them opportunities to nurture these interests during the weeks leading up to the performance. It will also enable us to offer the children who improve and develop their skills a ‘Developing Arts Award’ in recognition of their arts achievements.