Religious Education

R.E. at Watcombe School encourages the children to respect the religions, spiritual and moral values of others and to consider thoughtfully their own values and beliefs.  These skills will enable the children of Watcombe School to become valued, responsible members of the British community.

At Watcombe School we follow the Devon Agreed Syllabus (RE Curriculum for Torbay) for R.E. and lessons are taught focussing on enquiries and key questions which are designed to engage the pupils in both learning about and learning from religions and world views.  This has been organised into a rolling programme.

RE Prog

R.E. develops the children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) knowledge and understanding.  They develop the skills of reflection, enquiry, investigation, interpretation, communication, analysis and evaluation through R.E. as well as developing the attitudes of self-awareness, respect and sensitivity, open-mindedness, tolerance, appreciation and wonder by learning about beliefs, values and ways of life.

The skills and attitudes the children learn in R.E. will help them to become valued members of British society with an understanding and appreciation of the range of different cultures in school and further afield.