Our Approach

What OFSTED say:

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Policy

At Watcombe our curriculum is delivered to inspire our learners.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and offers a rich range of experiences that enables learners to acquire, develop and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills. Throughout their time at school pupils will cover the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and all National Curriculum requirements (see rolling programmes) in pursuit of achieving the school aims.

Our curriculum builds on pupils’ interests thus offering learners an exciting way through which to learn. Learning journeys are carefully planned to ensure an integrated approach to learning that has a clear purpose and outcome and motivates learners.

Learning journeys (see examples below) are built around the children’s interests and start with a motivational experience such as a visit to a relevant place of interest or a visitor coming to school to inspire the children’s interest. All the learning then is aligned to work towards an outcome such as being a Torquay tourist guide, opening a school café, graduating from the ‘Wartcombe School of Magic’, producing a recipe book or being a guide in the school zoo (a unique experience!). This ensures the children see a purpose to their learning and can then celebrate the progress they have made in real terms.

It is very reassuring when a child maybe leaving to attend an appointment in school time to hear them saying to their parent – ‘I will be coming back after, won’t I?’. The children really enjoy their learning. They are well motivated to achieve their best and make excellent progress particularly in the basic areas of reading, writing and maths.

Planning is supported by a range of subject skill progression maps ensuring that learners continue to extend and develop their knowledge and skills.

Inherent within the curriculum is the promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning. This is underpinned by preparing pupils for life in Modern Britain, developing values such as democracy, law, liberty, respect and tolerance.

Learners are encouraged to be reflective in their learning and develop a clear understanding of what they may need to do next to make progress. Independence is promoted across the school ensuring learners are resilient and creative.

Parents and community are integrated into the learning journey planning and active in celebrating or taking part in the outcomes. The curriculum has a holistic community sense within its heart and parents are informed via newsletters and class blogs as to what exciting learning journeys are happening.

Ultimately the Watcombe curriculum creates life – long learners who are best prepared for the challenges ahead.