At Watcombe we aim to inspire, develop and instil a confidence, enjoyment and appreciation for mathematics. We help each child develop maths to a deep level, acquiring the necessary knowledge, concepts, understanding and skill in mathematics required for adult life.

We believe that children should have a positive attitude to mathematics which challenges and gives them a sense of achievement. Children should gain confidence in the subject because in lessons all ideas can be expressed and communicated with assurance and enjoyment. We encourage learners to view mistakes as opportunities for learning.

Mathematics is planned from the National Curriculum, developed by teachers to fit their class, make sensible links between areas and ensure that an inspired, challenging content will be delivered. Nursery/Reception use the Foundation curriculum in meeting the needs of the Foundation stage. Links are made to class topics to ensure the effective use of mathematics in other areas of the curriculum.

The three elements of problem solving, key skills and reasoning are evident in every lesson. These have been developed by the school over a number of years. We believe that children should be encouraged to investigate maths, to discover the learning for themselves. They are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt and link this understanding with prior knowledge. We facilitate opportunities for children to work independently, think for themselves, and develop a rewarding resilience to see the challenge through to the end.

Lessons are developed to ensure that the content is relevant and challenging. This is determined through thorough assessment. Children may begin by practice and rehearsing key facts or prior learning, giving time to reflect and sharpen minds. New concepts are presented so that there is engagement and interest; children may be aware of the direction they are taking and are excited to go there. Challenges are matched to the children and developed to promote independent thinking. At the end of lesson teachers ensure that the learning has been clear and that children are given time to reflect and feel a sense of achievement. Above all the children leave Mathematic lessons with pride and a sense of enjoyment.

At Watcombe we believe that Mathematical fluency and flexibility is greatly enhanced by the ability to instantly recall key facts. To this end we have developed class key skill charts, a system by which children are regularly challenged to learn appropriate number facts to support their learning. This system is enhanced by parents who practice with their child at home.

National data shows that children educated at Watcombe achieve very positively in Mathematics. At times we have been in the top one percent of the country for progress made.

Guide for Parents

Yearly teaching plans:


Key Learning – Year 2

Key Learning – Year 3

Key Learning – Year 4

Key Learning – Year 5

Key Learning – Year 6

Progression in calculation:


Year 1/2 Division

Year 1/2 Multiplication

Year 1/2 Subtraction

Year 3/4 Addition

Year 3/4 Division

Year 3/4 Multiplication

Year 3/4 Subtraction

Year 5/6 Addition

Year 5/6 Division

Year 5/6 Multiplication

Year 5/6 Subtraction

Fractions progression yrs 1,2,3 Fractions progressions yrs 4,5,6