Emotional Well-Being

As a school, we take the role of supporting and promoting positive emotional well–being for all the children and families within our community as a priority.

We have a key role to play in enabling pupils and families to develop positive emotional well–being so that they are able to most readily access their learning, develop resilience and the ability to problem solve and to ensure positive health (inc. mental health) development to enable children to achieve the best outcomes.

At Watcombe we create a safe & calm, consistent and structured school environment with clear expectations that are communicated throughout the whole curriculum and ethos. The school aims and values underpin all that we do within the school community.

School aims & values: https://www.watcombe-primary.torbay.sch.uk/about-us/

The school is a calm and orderly environment. Pupils are courteous to all members of the school community. There is a strong sense of mutual respect throughout the school. Adults are clear about what they expect from pupils, and pupils are keen to demonstrate the best conduct possible. (Ofsted Nov. 17)

 In order to best promote positive emotional well–being a range of strategies have been developed across the whole school, both formal and informal, that are both universally embedded within the school culture and also available to meet specific needs. These processes are underpinned by fostering partnerships with families to achieve active engagement and meet the community needs.

Pupils feel confident that they are safe in school and could speak to any member of staff if they have a concern. (Ofsted Nov. 17)

Pupils spoke confidently and knowledgeably about how to stay safe in school, online and in the wider community. (Ofsted Nov. 17)

At Watcombe there is a high investment to promote emotional well–being that permeates all we do. Staff are trained within a range strategies from whole school positive behaviour management to understanding attachment to drawing therapy. There is a specific pastoral team dedicated to working with individuals and small groups of children including a specific of supporting families.

Click here to view: Overview of School Provisions to Promote Positive Emotional Well - Being

Click here to view: Torbay Healthy Learning School Audit

Pupils said that incidents of bullying are rare. They are confident that, on the occasions when bullying occurs, leaders deal with this quickly and effectively so that there are no recurrences. Consequently, pupils trust staff to keep them safe. (Ofsted Nov. 17)

At Watcombe the key to sustaining and promoting positive emotional mental health is the early identification of a concern and then the allocation of early support. This may involve the pastoral team and the SENDCO. Further specialist support may be accessed if required through the school referral processes.

If you have any concerns I relation to emotional well–being please don’t hesitate to contact us and we may be able to help.

The DfE also highlight the importance of promoting positive mental health and behaviour in schools:


Mental Health Support Team

We are very fortunate to be part of a new initiative taking place in Torbay which offers a service to support children’s mental health. More information about the service can be found:

Service Information Parent Information

This support is completely free and can be accessed by parents independently referring using the referral form. If you have any questions regarding this, or would like assistance completing the referral form, please contact Mrs Squire or Mrs. Rowntree.

Referral form: 

In addition to this the MHST team are supporting us in identifying and planning a way forward as we come out of lockdown and look to the future. Parents have completed a questionnaire relating to this so, as a school, we can plan actions with  everyone’s experience and views are taken into consideration.

Referral Form

Outcomes of the questionnaire (July 2020):

Watcombe Survey 2020