Reception's Trip to the Beach!

The children in Reception had a fantastic, sunny day at the beach today!

After arriving at school and making sure we all had our hats on and lunches ready, the first group of children headed to the mini bus with Miss Foxwell and Miss Ridings. When we arrived at Babbacombe Downs, Mr Davies headed back to school to collect the second group of children. Miss Schofield was waiting for us at the Downs and we excitedly walked to the cliff railway station. Some of us were a little nervous about our trip on the cliff railway but we followed the instructions to hold on tight. The view from the cliff railway was beautiful and it was fun waving to the other carriage as it passed us on its way back up the cliff.


When we got to the bottom, we got out of the carriage and said thank you to the lady helping us and headed down to the beach. Miss Foxwell read us a story while we waited for our friends to arrive.

Once the second group had joined us on the beach with Mrs Thomas, Miss Brady and Teresa, we spent some time exploring the beach. Miss Schofield blew a loud whistle and we all gathered around a blanket. We learnt why plastic in our sea and on our beaches is really dangerous for wildlife, and were excited to hear the tale of the Oddicombe Sand Elves who come out at night to help keep the beach clean. The elves had some challenges for us which we really enjoyed doing!

Our first challenge was to take part in a tiny treasure hunt, filling miniature bags with tiny treasures like shells and sea glass. We then had to show the sand elves how tall we were- two of our friends lay still on the sand and the rest of us made their outline with pebbles and seaweed. We made pictures of ourselves using the things we found on the beach so that  the sand elves could see what we look like.


After a delicious lunch, we played some games and sang songs using stones as musical instruments. We made look out towers for the sand elves, piling rocks up as high as we could. Some of the children found a tiny table and stools with a sand elf tea party all laid out. We made the sand elves some more food. Before we headed back to the cliff railway, we helped the sand elves by picking up any litter we found and popping it in a bin bag. The elves thanked us by leaving some tiny presents for us to find.


After such a lovely day on the beach we were ready to head back up the cliff on the cliff railway to meet the minibus. What a fantastic, busy and very hot day we had- and a big thank you to Mr Davies for the delicious ice creams!