Reception- Thinking!

Each Thursday in Reception we have a class activity we call ‘Thinking’! We get ready by sitting in a circle and reminding ourselves of our rules about listening to each other’s ideas before we start.

Each week we are introduced to something new- sometimes we watch a short video clip, or are read the start of a story. Other times we are shown a new object. We then share our ideas- talking in pairs, small groups and as a class. We might share our ideas about what something is, where it has come from or what might happen next. The grown ups facilitate the talk a little by encouraging us to listen to each other, but the ideas come from us, and we often build on what our friends have said! We are beginning to know that if we share an idea a grown up will probably ask us why we think that, so are already beginning to extend our ideas before we are asked!

Our ‘Thinking’ sessions are fantastic for helping us build our listening skills and our communication skills as well as setting us up for a brilliant start for our future reading and writing- we are beginning to develop skills such as inference, reasoning, deduction and analysis- but we don’t know this- we just really love having the chance to talk and share our ideas!

This week in our ‘Thinking’ session Miss Schofield showed us a photo of a strange blue tree she had seen while out walking her dog. She told us that growing on the tree had been some odd looking things and that the farmer who owned the tree had said she could pick some to show us. We were very interested to see the objects she had picked. We shared our ideas about what these things were and where the odd tree had come from.

Some of our conversation was recorded:

“I think that aliens came down and planted a seed and the tree grew. Because it isn’t a green tree like in our ones.”

“Yeah, I think the tree came from the moon, them aliens, yeah, because the moon is blue and the tree is blue!”

“I think it’s an apple. Because it looks like an apple.”

“It’s not a apple- apples not got that bit- onions got that bit.”

“It’s an onion!”

“I think it’s a grape but grapes are this big and this is too big so it’s not a grape.”

“It’s not a grape- grapes are bite into- this is too hard to bite into!”

“It could be a tomato but not got juice.”

“It’s seeds are too tiny! Tomatoes got big seeds!”

“Yeah, but it’s an alien tomato from the moon with them leaves like aliens.”

“I think the tree is covered in snow. Was it cold like snow?”

“If it was cold it might be shiny like on the grass in the garden (frost).”

“No! It isn’t snow ’cause that bit of tree is black and the grass is got no snow. It is a sunny day!”

“I think it must be an alien tree!”


This week we were then able to try some of the fruit in small groups where we could continue our chatter and think about describing the taste, look and feel of the fruit. Some of the faces we pulled were very funny!

We are looking forward to doing some more ‘Thinking’ next week!