Reception- Our week!

This week has been all about new things for Reception!

We came in on Monday to find some changes to our classroom, and we all loved exploring the new set up… And we were in for another fantastic surprise when we headed down to the dining room for lunch! Our faces were a picture as we took in the new, beach themed walls and tables! What a change!

This week in literacy we have been reading the story ‘The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie’, drawing our own story maps and writing about the characters. We have really enjoyed the story- although Miss Schofield won’t read the end of the book until tomorrow, so we have had to try and guess who might eat the last cookie in the end!

There was one last new thing to try this week in Forest School! We have some new whittling tools, which we were very excited to try out! We had to learn how to keep ourselves safe first, as the tools are very sharp! We loved using the tools to whittle sticks, and were very proud of ourselves as we managed to remove the bark! We also enjoyed exploring the rest of the Forest School area, and found lots of bugs and interesting natural features.


We are now looking forward to Pancake Day and World Book Day celebrations next week!