Reception- Easter!

This week in Reception we have been thinking about Easter. We shared the Easter story, and learnt how Christians celebrate. We talked about the ways we celebrate Easter- (there are lots of excited children looking forward to visits from the Easter bunny!) We thought of words we could use to describe Easter eggs and wrote lists of these. We also thought of different words we could use instead of ‘good’ in our message ‘Have a good Easter’ to make it more exciting. We came up with lots of great words, and enjoyed writing our messages in our cards and decorating them.


We continued with our celebrations by decorating Easter bonnets and making delicious Easter nest cakes.


Throughout the week Miss Schofield has been spotting us consolidating our learning through our play- we have been leaving examples of our writing all over the place! We have been teachers, we have measured each other, we have been mathematicians- and we haven’t even noticed we are learning!


Also this week, among other things, we have been practising our reading, learning about weight, continuing to observe our tadpoles and tomato plants and problem solving. These pictures show a group of us working together to solve the problem ‘How do we empty the water tray?’ It took team work, but we discovered there were two different stoppers to undo to let the water out of the pipe, we worked out how to stop the water pouring out onto the floor, that we needed to tip the tray when the water stopped emptying and that together we could transport the water to the sink.


Our week ended with an exciting Easter egg hunt and a special movie time with lots of fruity snacks- our reward for working so hard to fill our golden tickets with stars this half term!


Wishing everybody a very happy Easter holidays- stay safe and have fun! See you all on Tuesday 23rd.