Reception- Another busy week!

This week in Reception we have been busy, busy, busy!


We have made the most of the sunny weather this week with lots of outdoor play. In Forest School this week, we discovered lots of bugs- we found ladybirds, ants, woodlice, centipedes, worms, caterpillars, slugs, beetles, snails… and a few others that we couldn’t identify!

Also during our Forest School session we had fun posing with some flowers we had collected for special photos to surprise our special grown ups with on Mother’s Day. We told each other jokes and asked silly questions to make ourselves laugh!

We also explored the trees, and found some feathers as well. We guessed which type of birds they might have come from- the children thought they might be from seagulls or pigeons.

In numeracy this week, we have been learning all about addition! We have learnt that we can count two groups of objects to find out how many there are altogether, and have been using addition and equals symbols to record our findings. We have also continued to practice our teen numbers each day with our teen number rap… why not ask me to sing it to you?!


All week we have been very excited to watch our tomato seeds beginning to sprout, and our cress seeds growing taller. In literacy this week, we have been making books about the cress seeds, recording our observations of how they have changed. We have taken our books home this weekend to share with our grown ups.

On Friday, the cress was finally tall enough for us to try! We made some cress sandwiches just like Sam in our story, Sam’s Seeds, made with his Grandpa.

Once we had tried our sandwiches, we thought about words that we could use to describe our cress that were a bit more exciting than ‘nice’ or ‘not nice’. We wrote a word bank together, and used some of these words in our cress books.

This week we have also been learning a new song using sign language actions, practising our phonics and reading skills… and have earned some extra playtime in the big playground by earning lots and lots of happy marbles! What a fantastic week!