Nursery - How many segments are there in a satsuma?

After trying to count how many sultanas and raisins we had in our packets last week at snack time, this week we were wondering how many segments there are in a satsuma? Do all satsumas have the same number of segments or do some have more or less?

We each peeled a satsuma, separated it into segments and then put each segment on a number on our number track to help us keep track of our counting. It it sometimes tricky to match 1 number name to 1 object when we are counting lots of things, but by putting the satsuma segments in a line and touching each one, most of us were able to do this. Some of us also used the numbers we recognised to help us with our counting.

So how many segments are there in a satsuma? Well, some of us had the same number – 9.  Some of us had more than 9 – 10 or 11. But Oscar had the most number of segments – 12! After lots of thinking and concentrating, we finally ate them!