Nursery - Healthy Bodies.

This Half Term we have been exploring ways to keep our bodies healthy.

We talked about why we need food, and how some foods are good for us and some should be saved as treats.

“Food gives us energy.”

“If you eat too much, it might give you a tummy ache,” referring to a picture of chocolate cake.

“Make your teeth poorly,” referring to a picture of sweets and chocolates.

“My don’t like milk. My love cheese.”

“My Mummy eats those,” pointing to the beans.

“Fruit and vegetables give us big muscles.”

We found out that we should eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day, so we helped to makeĀ  some healthy snacks.

Lots of us did really well trying new foods. Our banana, blueberry and raspberry smoothies and cucumber and pitta bread with hummus and tzatziki dips were delicious.

Today, we were really excited to go to the big playground for some exercise to help keep our bodies strong. We warmed up by running, hopping, skipping and doing star jumps before playing ball games and doing the Hokey Cokey.

“My heart is going faster.”

We were really tired when we got back so we had some fruit and a drink to re-fuel and rest.

We found some objects in a bag which are important for looking after our bodies.


Soap “Gets germs off.”

Hairbrush “Hair will get tangled.”

Shampoo “Otherwise we get nits.”

Toothpaste and toothbrush “I brush my teeth before bed.”

“I brush morning and night.”

“I brush my teeth after breakfast.”


Have a happy, healthy half term everyone.