Nursery - An eggciting morning!

Yesterday, Miss Ley showed us a special egg that we are going to look after this week. We put it in a cup of water.

This morning, we were very excited to see that it has changed!

Tommy – “There’s a little hole right there.”

Amelia – “There’s something coming out.”

Alfie – “It’s a dinosaur everybody.”

Cassia – “It might be a turtle. I see 2 little holes.”

Ellis – “Don’t touch it.”

Harry – “I can see his little leg… right there… in the water.”

Reuben – “I think it will be hatching now. I think it will be a little chicken.”

Harry – “I can see its foot.”

Evie – “Can you? Really?”

Reuben – “I can see little spikes. It might be a dinosaur.”

Ellis – “Dinosaurs don’t hatch out of eggs because they’re too big.”

Harry – “That’s not a chicken egg. It’s a turtle.”

Reuben – “But turtles don’t have lots of spikes.”

Seth – “I don’t know what it’s going to be. Maybe we should just tickle its feet and then it might crack a little more.”

Ayda-May – “How long it cracks?”

Ellis – “Lots of days.”

Ayda-May – “24 hours to wait until it cracks! Maybe it’s a turtle. There’s a little tiny hole.”

Lilia – “There’s a little tiny leg coming out I think.”

Dexter – “Turtles don’t grow in eggs. I can see a little leg peeking out.”

Ellis – “Maybe it needs to be dark for it.”

Dexter – “Eggs don’t hatch in the sun. They hatch at night.”

Amelia – “When it’s night time you can put it out.”

Ellis – “Maybe put something over it then it will be dark.”

Amelia – “I think it’s going to be something that swims in the water.”

Thomas – “I can see a green thing. I think it’s a bird that’s green.”

Ayda-May – “I think it’s gonna be a crocodile to crack open in the water. You can’t touch it. Only with your eyes ’cause it’s gonna scare you.”

Daisy – “Why it not hatching? It’s got a little hole.”

Olivia T – “Maybe it won’t come out ’til Easter.”

Ellis – “When’s it gonna hatch?”

Ayda-May¬† – “34 hours!”

Ellis – “4 hours.”

Toby – “It’s gonna crack for 3 minutes.”

Ella-Rose – “We need a bit more water so the hen can come out.”

Issac – “I’ve got eggs at home. We do cooking with them.”

We tried to find out which creatures hatch out of eggs by looking at information books and searching on the internet.

Dexter, Ellis and Ayda-May helped Miss Ley to cover the egg and make it dark. Will this help the egg hatch? We’ll have to wait and see!