L1- Wheels, wheels, wheels!

This term the children in L1 are working on their Santa’s Wheels topic- learning all about wheels and axles! The children have spent the last few weeks exploring wheels and axles in lots of different ways.

To start with we thought about the shape of wheels- would the best wheel be square, triangular, pentagonal or round? What do you think? We experimented with different shaped wheels and found out that wheels need to be round or they don’t turn properly! A square wheel would make for a very bumpy ride!

We learnt all about different types of wheels and axles, and had a go at making fixed axle vehicles and fixed wheel vehicles.


This week we have been thinking about the best materials to make our vehicles from- and have explored different types of materials to help us… what do you think would make the best material for a wheel?


We are looking forward to learning more over the next few weeks, as well as creating vehicle props for our Christmas play.