G1 Have Been Acting!

We Are Actors!

This week in G1 we have been using role play to show our understanding of new concepts in science and RE lessons.


In science this week we have been learning about water transportation. We used drama to model this, showing water travelling from the roots of a plant into the stem and then up to the petals and leaves.

We then set up an investigation using food colouring in water to see what would happen to flowers and celery kept in the water. We were excited to find the petals of the flowers and leaves of the celery changed colour as the water was transported up the plant.


Religious Education

In RE over the last half term we have been learning about inspirational people, including religious figures. We have previously learnt why Jesus is an inspiration to Christians and why Muhammed is an inspiration to Muslims. This week we learnt that Jewish people are inspired by Moses as he was a protector of his people. We thought about the people who protect us, and used role play to show how they do this.

We have really enjoyed becoming actors this week, and were a fantastic audience to our peers!