G1 and G2's Art Trip to Cockington!


The children’s new topic in G1 and G2 is ‘Watcombe in Bloom’.  One of our focusses for this new topic is ‘art’, and we will be exploring the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, an artist who painted large-scale, close up flowers. This week, to get our new topic off to a flying start, we had an exciting trip to Cockington. Our trip gave us the perfect opportunity to spend some time looking closely at some beautiful flowers, discussing what we could see.


We spent the morning sketching the flowers we found, really focussing on the different parts of the flowers, the shapes of the leaves and petals and the patterns we could see on them. Some of us even added some shading to give our drawings real depth.


After a snack, we walked around the ponds, looking at the different flora we found, and sketching the tiny flowers on the wild garlic. Some of the plants we found by the ponds were very unusual looking!


We had a lovely picnic for lunch, before spending some time playing games. We started with rounders- the children in year 3 hadn’t played this game before, but those in year 4 soon showed them how to play! We then played a few parachute games before heading back to school.


We had a fantastic day out, and enjoyed having time to really look at the flowers we found. I think you will agree we created some really fantastic and detailed drawings!

We are now looking forward to finding out more about plants and flowers.