Dolphins had a great time at Dawlish Warren yesterday! 

We had Ranger Caius and Rager Tay helping us as we searched a variety of habitats for living things, including plants. We used nets to ‘sweep’ a meadow, we used nets and trays in the pond area, we used pots and magnifiers in the woodland habitat and on the beach habitat we found things that used to be alive! 

We found grasshoppers, spiders, worms, a HUGE fat slug, lots of worms and woodlice, moths, butterflies and spiders, tadpoles, pond skimmers, water fleas and so much more! We saw a tall willow tree near the pond that was dropping catkins, we found flowers covered in spit that was protecting tiny egss or baby insects. There were tall, thick grasses with beautiful yellow flowers called ‘irises’. We could hear reed warblers, swallows and their chicks and we saw a heron flying across the sky! We searched the beach for things that used to be alive and found lots of interesting things like mussel shells, whelk egg cases, crabs and their legs, queen scallop shells, LOTS of seaweed and even some living things called sand hoppers which Caius said he’d feed to his fish! We had such a great day! 

Maths – here’s ‘Hit the Button’ that we’ve enjoyed playing this week. Choose your challenge! 

Literacy: LOTS of mini games to help you remember your learning throughout Dolphins class.

Have a fantastic half term and I can’t wait to see you for the last part of the summer term together. Yay Dolphins!