Dolphins have started lots of different learning this week.

Maths – we have been looking at numbers up to 100 including recognising the repeating pattern and knowing ‘thir’ = three, ‘fif’ = five and ‘tw’ = two. Here are two games we have enjoyed playing together.

Literacy – we have been looking at capital letters and full stops. We thought about what a capital letter looks like too e.g a = A. We played two Roy the Zebra games and a full stop game as well as a trickier game where we focused on capitals at the start of a sentence, for names and for ‘I’

We have been learning about the seasons and have built up a class word bank describing the different weather, clothes and activities we do in each season.

We’ve started our new topic ‘Painting places’ which is a geography and art topic. We have looked at the artist Van Gogh and thought about human and physical features of our local area.