Dolphins have had a brilliant week finishing their Stunning Scultpures as artists! We’ve looked at Andy Goldsworthy who LOVES using natural materials to produce his sculptures. We made our own versions of his spiral, circle, line and tonal patterns. 

We then looked at the artist Michelle Reader who prefers to use discarded materials, especially non-recyclable products. We copied her ideas and made our own sculptures using sustainable items that won’t damage our lovely planet more (we’re very concerned about sea creatures). We made robots, jet packs, unicorns, chicken houses, pirate ships, roblox, weight lifting bars, recycling centres, aquariums, and so much more! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. 

We’ve enjoyed looking at different materials and how we change them to suit a specific job such as having a soft duvet and not a wooded duvet! 

We finished our sculpture topic by making clay sculptures using themes we have looked at. We tried hard to sculpt the clay into our “artistic vision”. We made flowers, leaves and trees for Andy Goldsworthy, and dogs, fish and cats for Michelle Reader. 

We’ve worked really hard on our sculptures and learning throughout this topic, we’d love to talk to you at home about it.

Thanks for all the donations of recycling boxes!