Dolphins have had another busy week! Here are some of the games and videos we have enjoyed using.


In literacy we have been practising using expanded noun phrases. We’ve been trying hard to remember commas in a list, capital letters for proper nouns, subordinating conjunctions and to use a posh, expert voice for our informative sentences. 

Subordinating conjunctions: 

Proper noun space smash: 

Find the adjective: 


We’ve been learning about the coins (up to 50p). We have been making amounts to buy things from our shop, and we have also been solving some money problems.

Price lists: 

Toy shop: 


We have been learning about life cycles. We loved watching the caterpillar turn into a butterfly and the frog spawn developing into an adult frog. 



Metamorphosis song: 

David Attenborough, Planet Earth 2, snakes vs iguanas: 

Design and Technology: 

We are learning about wheels and axles. 

Sid the Science Kid: 


We are learning about the continents and oceans. 

Oceans song: 

Continents song: 

World continents and oceans game: 

Geography games: