Dolphins having been working hard this week! We’ve made lots of mistakes and celebrated them together before learing from them. We’re so proud of ourselves and our growth mindset! 


We are writing a story about some magical glasses. We have been changing the seasons and using our imagination to describe our friends doing different seasonal activities – we’ve had lots of laughs at some of them! 

Uk Seasons: 

Question marks: 


We’ve been working on our place value knowledge. We have been making tens and counting in tens before trying to count in tens and ones together. We had some funny challenges that we all failed at before we were successful e.g. get out 70 cubes in 30 seconds. Phew!


Shark numbers: 


We are trying to learn the 7 continets, 5 oceans and the countries and capital cities of the UK. It’s very tricky so we’re doing lots of practice.