Dolphin class have been working hard on practising new skills to help them make Easter decorations. We had a letter and basket of Easter loveliness delivered to us. The Easter Bunny was concerned that there weren’t enough decorations for our Easter Egg Hunt at the end of the term. We have been looking at different materials to see which was suitable to use, we were very good at describing the different materials. We looked at different joining techniques and evaluated which were more suitable to our decorations and which didn’t work or were too hard to do. We have also practised sewing! We threaded a needle and managed a simple running stitch. We are amazing hard workers! We’ve been thinking about the design criteria for our decorations and have designed our own. We thought about which materials to use, how to join them together, what design to put on, how to attach extra decorations and how we could make it hang up. We can’t wait to make them and use them for our Easter hunt. We’ll be very excited to bring them home to help decorate your homes for Easter too! Thank-you to all the adults who have sent in resources for us to use – we really appreciate your support.