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Government ‘Catch – up’ Fund Grant: Catch Up Funding 2021

Policy to prioritise in-school education places: Priority of admissions – COVID 19 Jan 2021

Parent What if Scenarios:What if?

Remote Learning Policy: Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Procedure: Remote Learning Procedure

Parental Response to Remote Learning Questionnaire Feb 21: Parental Response to Remote Learning Questionnaire

DfE information for parents with supporting your child’s remote learning:

Safeguarding Policy Addendum (Jan 21): Safeguarding Policy Addendum

Safeguarding Policy Addendum (March 21): School Safeguarding Addendum 080321

NHS Guidance:

How to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus:

COVID-19 Testing:

Visitor Information: Visitor Information

Class Information: NurseryReceptionSealsDolphinsSharksSeahorsesLobstersHermit CrabsStarfish

Parents with children at nursuries, schools or colleges- A guide to home testing:  2021.03.03_SchoolTest_parents_leaflet