Hermit Crabs - Year 5/6

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Colour Mixing with Hermit Crabs!

Posted: 20 September 2019

The Hermit Crabs’ new topic ‘Udderly Amoozing!’ is well under way.  This week, the children have been taught some basic acrylic skills and have been experimenting with acrylic paints.  They have also been taught some basic brush control skills and have completed a series of painting exercises.  On Wednesday, the children were re-introduced to the ‘colour wheel’ and spent time applying their knowledge of colour mixing to make secondary and tertiary colours.  The children are very much looking forward to applying their colour mixing and brush control skills when they paint their first picture in the style of Steven Brown next week.

Hermit Crabs are 'Udderly Amoosed'!

Posted: 13 September 2019

This week, the children in Hermit Crabs enjoyed following a sequence of clues and using their mathematical knowledge to find out the combination to open a special briefcase that had appeared in our classroom.  The children worked in groups to solve a series of cryptic clues and were successful in working out the briefcase’s combination.  Inside the case, the children found a card outlining this half term’s topic challenge.  Our first topic, ‘Udderly Amoosing’ is an art topic, where the children will learn and develop acrylic painting skills in the style of the artist Steven Brown.  The children cannot wait to get started!

World Safer Internet Day in Hermit Crabs

Posted: 5 February 2019


Today is World Safer Internet Day and all the children in Hermit Crabs attended an assembly learning about e-safety.

The children enjoyed learning about things like: why companies collect personal information, how to make positive choices about their life online and to be careful before sharing information about their friends.

Everyone agreed that if they were ever unsure about anything whilst online, they would speak to an adult for help and support.