Innovative ICT

This week, in ICT, we were lucky enough to have Mr Schofield teaching us alongside Mrs Cotton. Over the next two weeks we are learning how to make Text Based Adventure Games. Initially, he showed us one he had made and then explained and modelled how to create our own.

Each adventure begins with the character walking around a dark forest for hours until they make a discovery. They then have two choices to make, one will lead them further into the story and the other will take them back to the beginning.  Once they have progressed further into the story they discover an item that will help them along. If they choose not to take this item, they have to return to the beginning again.

In this lesson we designed our adventures on paper, next week we will be inputting them onto the computer and sharing them. Hopefully we will be able to share them all with you next Friday.

Discovering materials and their properties

We have begun our new topic this week. We are continuing with the Sciences, now looking at different materials and the different properties of those materials. In our first lesson we were given a variety of items, hidden within black pouches. We had to work out what the items were and what they were made of. We all had a go and then put them into categories together.