Morning Hermit Carbs, Sorry we won’t see you today. Here’s some work for you to keep busy.

PE – Joe Wicks workout. Youtube – ‘PE with Joe’

Reading—read your school reading book or a book from home that you are enjoying.

 English—Imagine you are one of the characters from our Guided Reading book (Fred, Con, Max, Lila). You are deserted in the Amazon rainforest.

Can you write a short, descriptive story explaining how you escape? Think about what we have been writing in English. Can you use some of the techniques to create suspense? For example, short sentences, powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs, 3_ed power of 3, rhetorical questions, if, if, if, then and ellipses.


Maths—Times Tables Rock Stars. We are doing our 8x tables for Whizzkids v Brainiacs. Can you practise these?

Read through and remind yourself about what we have learned about volume and capacity. Have a go at the quiz at the end.



Read through the page about our Solar System. Have a go at doing the 2 quizzes and Activity 3 (create your own Solar System).


Assembly—watch Newsround