Dolphins are working incredibly hard, as usual! We’re starting to get very excited about our end of term treat: An Easter Egg Hunt! We’re busy making bags in Design Technology for our hunt, we are practising so hard with our sewing! 


We are working hard with our comprehension skills and answering questions in different ways. Sometimes we can tick a box, or copy a word on to a line, and sometimes we have to put sentences in order or fill in a table. We’re trying so hard. 

Read the directions and plan a route: 


We are learning about imperative verbs, these are bossy words that we use in commands and instructions. First we watched Little Miss Bossy, then we played partner games where we had 5 cubes and had to follow each others instructions WITHOUT looking at each others, finally we unjumbled some silly instructions so they made sense. 

Little Miss Bossy: 



We have been learning about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, symmetry and solving shape questions using our knowledge of the properties of shapes. We can use the describe the sides of 2D shapes using words like curved or straight. We can describe the faces and edges of 3D shapes. We can also talk about vertices, which is a posh word for corners. We’re getting really good at talking about lines of symmetry, and the mirror line. 

Shape patterns:

2D Shape monsters: 

2D Shapes and properties quiz: 

2D and 3D shape finder: 

Symmetry matching:

Symmetry sorting: 


In science, we have been continuing with our learning about materials and their properties. We performed an experiment this week in to the suitability of different materials for a waterproof umbrella. We had a great time using the pipettes in the classroom .

Materials at home: 

Material suitabilty testing: